Monday, July 13, 2009

Is Entourage Still Entourage?

Did anyone else watch the season premiere of Entourage on HBO last night? For someone (me) who has been watching this show since the first season; the entire thing left me a little flat. Entourage is at its best when the boys are hanging out and Ari is yelling at them about something. I know that we are supposed to embrace the fact that everyone is getting older and maturing (except Turtle who pees in the bathtub...gross) but this show is not this show without some quality guy time. I need for Vince to become popular again (which is happening) and the boys to get rid of the girlfriends and return to the roots of being obnoxious tools trolling for sex. Is that too much to ask? On another note; I understand that Lloyd wants to get a promotion and not be Ari's assistant anymore but what would we do without Lloyd? Last night, his storyline was the most fun of the episode. Of course I will keep watching and continue to try to get behind the new mature Entourage but as I get older I am not sure that I want the boys to. What is the fun in that?

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