Sunday, July 12, 2009

SYTYCD - Shocking Results

Such a busy weekend but I wanted to weigh in about the early (or not depending on how you look at it) demise of Philip on SYTYCD. Once again I did not take into account America's favorites (Evan and Randi) when placing dancers in the bottom three and was stunned when Melissa and Ade and Philip and Jeanine were picked to "dance for their life". I know that I have been a huge Philip non-fan these past few weeks but I still feel as if he danced the jive with a little life last week. Anyway, the solos were solos (Ade was phenomenal) and Caitlyn (no surprise there) and Philip were booted right before making it into the top 10 and the tour. But wait, we knew Nigel picked favorites and as Philip was undoubtedly one of Nigel's favorites the top 10 tour this year will be the Top 12 tour with Philip and Caitlyn participating. So now we are in the Top 10 and the dancers get to "switch it up" with new partners every week. I can't wait to see how everyone responds to this new level of competition. So long Philip. In a see of contemporary dancers; you will be missed.

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