Thursday, July 2, 2009

SYTYCD - Mia Had a Happy Pill!

Did anyone else notice that Mia Michaels seemed a little more pleasant last night than normal? I am thinking drugs. She just was so zen when discussing the different dances and I was so pleased that she gave Brandon major props on his performances. Last night's show brought back to reality the fact that all of these dancers are phenomenal. I was a little underwhelmed (OK a lot) last week and this week I felt like everyone got back in the groove. Before I give you my top three I have a couple of rants. First, how is it fair that Philip has drawn his genre twice? Two, does anyone think that the costume discussion about Caitlin's bodysuit seemed a little harsh? So my top three this week were:

1. Karla and Vitolio seemed to love the dreaded quickstep yet both of them had so much fun with it. Yes I know that both loved their former partners but the two were enjoyable to watch and the entire dance was extremely entertaining.

2. Melissa and Ade danced the Pas de deux for the first time on the stage and seemed to pull it off. Obviously it seems suspect that the one ballerina draws the traditional dance but I really enjoyed watching the routine and I am really becoming a fan of this couple.

3. Brandon and Janette tore up the stage with the cha cha. Most of the time Brandon gets so much credit for being so terrific (which he deserves) but by no means should Janette not be recognized. She is an awesome dancer to watch and the two together really seem to make very few wrong moves.

My honorable mention this week goes to Kupono and Kayla. Their dance, choreographed by Sonya, was interesting and different (and they were both great). I just did not get it.

My bottom three this week was a little easier (because there are so few left).

1. Caitlin and Jason danced this weird alien inspired jazz routine and it was not bad but (always a but) the dance did not make me want to see more. I love this couple (I don't know why) but I have a feeling that this will be their week to go home.

2. Randi and Evan were given a dance in Evan's genre of Broadway and I could not have been more disappointed. From Randi looking like she wanted to be anywhere but on the stage to Evan seeming to dance so halfheartedly; we all have to wonder what is going on. Hopefully when they dance for their life (which they should) both dancers will make us remember why we want them in the top 10.

3. Jeanine and Philip once again pulled Hip Hop out of the hat. Since Philip has not proven that he can do anything else this was a good draw for them but the routine did not impress me as much as Napolean and Tabitha's routines normally do. I know that Philip has many fans; which means that Vitolio and Karla will end up dancing for their lives (again) but I just don't think that it is fair to continue to put someone through who is a one-trick pony (anyone remember Comfort last year).

These are my thoughts from last night. Agree? Disagree? Who do you think will be the bottom three? Later!


polkadotoes said...

I think the dances couples are doing have been quite suspect this year. If you notice we don't even see them pulling the dance out of a hat anymore! Also, like you mentioned, dancers have "pulled" their genre quite often so far, and for some multiple times already. I get that the producers want a good show and for the dancers to look good and the easiest way is to have them do their genre, but this is a competition about strength in dance diversity! I also think Philip should at least be in the bottom if not get sent home.

Ade and Melissa are working their way to becoming my favorite couple with each week!

Joy said...

Good post! I was glad to see the ballet even though I agree with you both about the selection of the dances for the competitors. I thought Mia's remarks were harsh about the alien costume, but the dancers don't choose them. Sonya's choreography was strange, but so is she if we can go by appearances!

Yes, Mia was sort of giddy. They were all giggly. Why on earth didn't someone get Mary out of being so loud and crass long ago? That screeching is horrible!