Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter begins and I am missing it.....

The new movie starts today, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. For those of you who know me, I am addicted to the Potter series. I have read and reread the books and actually cried when I finished the final book in the series. I am normally at the theater on the day the movies open because I want no part of the critique until I have something to add. Apparently I screwed up in my planning of my summer trip because today is the day the new movie opens and I am in the car travelling from Florida to North Carolina. Meaning no movie for me today. So who saw it? Good? Bad? Making you drool for the next one? I have to know. I will see it (by myself) this weekend.


Anonymous said...

JUST got back from it and I thought it was quite good. I don't know how much you know about what they cut out or added or spoilers of that nature, but I knew about most of them before I saw it, so I wasn't too thrown like most seem to be. I had a few problems with it, mostly with the end and with a particular added scene, but overall I quite liked it!

I take the movies as movies and the books as the books. They will never compare, so I just compare to movies to how well they continue the story from where the last one left off. Like if you hadn't read the books, could you follow the story and enjoy it?

It was a beautiful film in the way they imagined things and how it was filmed. Draco was great, I missed Neville he didn't have very many lines. Ginny was also quite good, it was nice to see her speak for once! ;)

It did have me feeling quite bad for Snape and Draco by the end only because I know what Snape was really doing.

Let me know if you want any spoilers or specifics! Enjoy the vaca!

Joy said...

I haven't seen it yet but will go as soon as I can.