Monday, January 4, 2010

The Bachelor Premieres Tonight

I can't watch. I just can't. I thought I would be able to but with Jake (a former Bachelorette castoff) as the new bachelor; I don't think I can handle all of his trite cliches. There is no doubt that he is good-looking but I am not sure that he has the charisma to pull this show off (or not the show has gotten pretty old). So anyway, here is a picture of the new bachelor and the show premieres tonight on ABC. Let me know what you think.

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BethTruta said...

I think I'm out also. I have been on and off the Bachelor/ette for the past five years and just can't stomach it anymore. He seems a bit self righteous anyways. I'm saving my Reality TV points for the Biggest Loser--hoping for some better people than last season. didn't really love anyone.

Also, I loved your 2010 lists. They were hilarious and thoughtful! Happy New Year!