Monday, January 18, 2010

The Golden Globes.....

I watched the entire show last night. Here are my thoughts in no particular order.

  • Hangover for best comedy? I loved this movie, don't get me wrong, but I assumed that pictures like this never win awards. Funny movie, yes! Worthy of an award? Not sure.
  • Glee wins! I would have been happy with Glee or Modern Family (because I love both). Just happy that something I watch won.
  • Does James Cameron get on anyone elses nerves? He went on and on about how great he is. Shut up!
  • I normally find Ricky Gervais extremely funny. Last night I was not impressed. Made me yearn for NPH.
  • Speaking of NPH; will he ever win anything? I so love him.
  • Worst dressed...I hate to say this because I love her and was so happy that she won but Sandra Bullock. I hated this dress. It looked like a prom dress from David's bridal for $99.

  • My best dressed was probably Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. Lots of people looked great but her dress was so different yet stylish and it was her fist time at an awards show. Very impressive.

  • Loved Robert Downey Jr's speech. Ditto with Jeff Bridges, Mo'nique and the cast of Glee.
  • Drew Barrymore seemed out of it (or just surprised). Also are she and Justin Long officially back together or still "just friends". She told him she loved him before she walked on stage. Just wondering?
These are my major observations on the show. I will watch the Fashion Police tonight on E and find out if my picks were good or bad. Anything I missed?


Joy said...

Sounds about right to me! :-)

Chloe Sevigny is just weird. Her personality might be close to the character she plays on Big Love - just personality, not beliefs.

polkadotoes said...

I loved the Hangover and I am acutally glad a movie like that can win. It takes some chops to make people laugh. Comedy doesn't get enough cred in my opinion. Plus the only other movie nominated that i think should have won over it was (500) Days of Summer. Julie & Julia was good but only because Meryl Streep was crazy good as Julia Child, it's complicated has been done before and Nine was not good. Good songs but not a good movie.

James Cameron totally annoys me and I think The Hurt Locker should have taken Best Picture Drama and Best Director.

I'm just happy that anyone besides 30 Rock and Entourage won! Alec Baldwin also needs to stop winning, it's getting really annoying.

My favorite part of the night was John Lithgow's reaction when Michael C Hall (get better!) won for Dexter. He made me tear up the way he just looked so happy for his co-star. A really wonderful moment.

And YAY! for The Dude finally winning :)

Jennie said...

As much as I adore Sandy, you're right. That dress was awful. I keep meaning to watch Modern Family but forget.

And I agree with Joy. DO NOT like Chloe Sevigny. Weirdo.