Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Entertainment Wish List for 2010

I have made my New Year's resolutions (and probably have already broken most of them). Now I want to write down a few things that I wish for in 2010 in the world of entertainment. Just because I have not been writing about this stuff lately does not mean that I am not paying attention. I wish for:

1. A nice man for Jennifer Aniston - she seems nice and she is beautiful. Why can't she find someone?

2. An Emmy for Friday Night Lights - every week I watch this show and lament about how great it actually is, maybe someone else will notice.

3. The early demise of Spencer and Heidi (not death just go away) - I have a real problem with people who are famous for just being famous.

4. More covers of magazines with famous people that actually are good and moral. I know, I know boring but after awhile the Tigers and Charlie Sheens have got to be shown up by someone decent.

5. Please, please no NFL strike! Please! ( I know that this is not Hollywood but it falls under my entertainment realm).

6. Movies to win Oscars that are fun to watch for the masses yet still send a message. Go Up!

7. More happy stories on the Network News; thank you Brian Williams.

8. The return of a Project Runway that is not boring and hard to watch because you have no one to pull for.

9. Glee to catch on and everyone starts singing just for the hell of it. OK I am kidding but when the show returns I hope that the wonderful stories maintain their momentum and the show does not become ho-hum.

10. Finally, I wish for less divorce, less ridiculously young deaths and more happiness (and rainbows everywhere).

Happy New Year Hollywood!


Kim said...

you forgot world peace

Lisa said...

I'm totally with you on the first four! And six and seven and ten . . . Good list, TM (short for Tivo Mom--get it?)!