Tuesday, January 12, 2010

100 Epsodes of HIMYM

The 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother was on last night with a flourish. The cast sang in suits. Although the episode was fun (and I adore NPH singing) I was a little disappointed (as I have been all season) with the entire half hour. In honor of the 100th episode of a normally awesome show EW.com too the time to speak to the cast about their favorite HIMYM moments. I thought about it and decided to come up with some of my own. Here they are in no particular order.

  • The Naked Man episode. When Robin has sex with a loser date only because he is naked in her living room, Barney and Ted decide to try out the new method. The episode is made in the few minutes that it takes the two to decide which "pose" will work the best. I laugh just thinking about it.
  • The 3 day rule. The beginning of this episode still has me laughing when Barney explains to Ted why he should wait 3 days to call a girl. The comparison to Jesus' resurrection is priceless and if this is not enough the texting between Ted and the girl (Barney and Marshall) leads all of us to believe that Ted is really a girl.
  • I do concur with the cast on the New Years Eve episode when Ted rents a limo. Barney's mix CD that continues to go up and the search for the perfect party is a great tribute to a night that is always a letdown.
  • The episode with the humiliating stories is another gem. This is a look back to when Barney was a long haired hippie who wants to join the Peace Corps. Barney uses the story to get everyone to humiliate themselves with their own embarrassing stories. Ted's re-return to Robin's is classic.
I am sure that I am missing a lot. These are the ones that came to mind first. Sadly the 100th episode will not make the list but this does not mean that I don't have plenty to choose from. What are your favorites?


BethTruta said...

I absolutely love this show, especially that it's on Monday night. I always forget then get really excited that it's on. Robin Sparkles, of course was amazing. The one where Robin tries to be from Minnesota cracked me up too. There are so many more! Oh and Slapsgiving I & II. Does it get better than NPH?

Tivo Mom said...

I forgot. Lets go to the Mall is one of the best songs ever. Thanks for the reminder. You are so right about NPH as well. I adore him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the 100th episode wasn't amazing but it did give us a cameo by Sir Tim and an amazing muscial number, so I'll give it a pass! ;)

You definitely hit some great parts of HIMYM. Another one of my fav moments was the episode when Robin became Barney's bro and suited up and then played laser tag with him.

Great episode! It also had the story of Marshall and Lily stuck in the bathroom while Ted and Victoria were making out in the living room.

The "Pineapple Incident" episode is another fav of mine when Barney and Marshall convince Ted to get drunk he wakes up next to a pineapple and who he thinks is Robin but turns out to be Winnie from Wonder Years.

Joy said...

Love this show!