Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes Tonight!!!

My ritual every year for Award Shows is as follows:

Pre-show (usually switching between E and NBC looking at dresses trying to see the stars)
Order Chinese before the show actually begins
Put PJ's on and get comfortable on the couch
Eat Chinese and yell at the television when the pre-show hosts ask dumb questions (Joan Rivers)
The show begins, eat dessert and yell at the television when my shows never win.
Try to stay up for the whole show but eventually record the final awards and go to bed.

and repeat for every award show. More updates later..


Joy said...

My routine is to sit at the computer, so I can look stuff up if I need to and sometimes blog about it. I also get comfortable on the couch and yell at the shows, too. I have all the ones I'm going to watch written down and/or set on the DVR. I have some movies to watch to be prepared!

Tivo Mom said...

I will be checking your blog tonight to check in. Have a good night..

Anonymous said...

I'm recording it so I don't miss anything when I fall asleep or yell at the kids to get back in bed.

BethTruta said...

The Hangover and Avatar?! What is going on? I guess that is how bad of a movie year it was.

Happy for Glee & Mad Men.

Best dressed? Reese Witherspoon or Emily Blunt.