Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday Night Lights News...

After the last episode of Friday Night Lights, I was once again going to tell you all what a wonderful show it was and how everyone should be watching this gem when I read on EW.com that come September you will be able to watch every season. ABC Family has picked up Friday Night Lights reruns and starting in September you can watch the show from the beginning. I am very excited by the news and I am going to hound my 7 readers to at least watch the first few episodes and if you are still not hooked (and in love with Kyle Chandler) than I will stop harping on what a wonderful show this is (OK I won't really but I can say that on my own blog).

As for the episode from Friday night, once again a stellar job. The friction between Vince and Luke is a great storyline and watching Tim Riggins coaching is funny and sad all at one time. And if no one believes that Eric and Tami Taylor are like a real couple, come to my house and view a money fight. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are the most realistic couple on television and watching them together is like a peek into a real house. Plus who else loves Landry as the new punter.

All and all, good news for Friday Night Lights fans.


BethTruta said...

Hopefully a broader audience will get to see it this way!

Also did you watch the Emmy video while on E!?

Also, Lee or Crystal? What do you think? I think it'll be Lee b/c he's a boy and young girls will vote him.

Anonymous said...


Joy said...

They are a realistic couple and do such a good job! I'm so glad it's back!