Thursday, May 20, 2010

ABC Comedies...

I have been reading a few of the blogs about the ABC Wednesday night comedies; namely Modern Family and Cougartown. Many people were disappointed with the season finale of Modern Family (most liked the finale of Cougartown). Did anyone else watch the shows last night?

I thought Modern Family was at its basic best (basic being a good word here). Yes Hawaii was hilarious but last night the show was back in town and back to basics. Three families and their interconnected stories making me laugh. Who has ever been part of a family trying to get the "perfect" family photo and having that one person (Clair) dictate the entire thing? How about the bird in the house? I have actually had this happen and I reacted much worse than Mitchell did. And then of course Phil and Gloria at the basketball game with Phil sneaking in the snacks. I laughed throughout the entire episode and in no way was I bothered by the simplicity of the show. Great great season!

As for Cougartown; this is another show that rarely disappoints. I think that Courtney Cox has found the perfect character to show off her talent and I love the quirkiness of this entire cast. I told my husband last night that I want to start playing "penny can" just because the " cul-de-sac crew" does. And who did not love the techno remix of "part of being a couple"? Great night of television all the way around. Now next season I am hoping Bobby (my favorite) and Barb get something going. That would just be fantastic.

So did anyone else like the shows last night or were you (like many) disappointed?

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