Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rough Night on GG

Season Finale last night on Gossip Girl certainly has the blogosphere yapping this morning. I am not sure who had the rougher night;

Dan who discovered that he still had feelings for Serena as she blows him off to go to Paris. Vanessa will not speak to him and Georgina shows up pregnant announcing he is the father. Oh and there was the little incident with Chuck (Dan punching him in the lip) that came up as well.

But then there was Jenny who is hated by all for trying to break up Lily and Rufus. Nate will never like her as more than a friend and to top it off she is being sent back to suburbia because she cannot hack it in the big city. To add insult to injury she sleeps with Chuck Bass (her fist time) because she is lonely and he blows her off the minute Blair walks in the apartment. Reality does sometimes slap you in the face Little J.

But wait, what about Chuck Bass? He declares his love for Blair and asks her to meet him at the top of the Empire State building. She doesn't show so he settles for Jenny Humphrey. Dan punches him out when he finds out just as Chuck is getting ready to propose to Blair. Chuck leaves town and gets shot in Prague.

My goodness it was a drama filled episode. Rufus and Lily are back together, Dorota had her baby and Serena and Blair have headed off to Paris. Did I miss anything? I have to say that after a lackluster year this was a finale the way finales are meant to be done. What did you think?

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