Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Battle of the Boy Bands

Isn't this what will keep us awake at night?  Who was the better Boy Band?  NSync or The Backstreet Boys?  I was reading an article on EW.com by Mandi Bierlyas she gave her opinion and offered up the great debate.  And it got me to thinking...who was the better group?  Of course recognize that The Jackson 5 was the first group that I remember.  New Edition was the first one that I adored.  Then along came the rest of them.


I adored N Sync.  Keep in mind that when N Sync hit it big I was in my late 20s.  Yes that is right, in my late 20s lusting after 17 and 18 year olds (and JT was even younger).  I had tickets to their concert in Charlotte.  Even if I was 8 months pregnant (which I was) and it was the middle of summer (and it was hot as shit), I was going to that concert.  For some reason or another the concert was cancelled and I cried for 2 days (I like to think that I am a fairly sane person) blaming it on the hormones.  So whenever anyone debates the two groups I have to question how there is any comparison.

I know, I know The Backstreet Boys came first but N Sync became a cultural iconic symbol.  Bye Bye Bye is known by everyone.  And the popularity of Justin Timberlake just further solidifies what we all know.  There is no debate, N Sync wins hands down.  I still listen to N Sync as do my children.  And I am impervious to teasing.  I know my music people....

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