Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bachelor Pad -My IQ just went down 50 points

I am not recapping this show.  I can't.  It is too dumb.  But I will include a few bullet points of the highlights just so you can understand the pure unmitigated stupidity of the entire show.  The show began with everyone arriving at the house.  Let me reiterate that I adore Chris Harrison but I do wonder how he can continue to keep a straight face as this franchise continues. 
  • This girl Erica that walks around in a tiara had a few good nuggets of blond wisdom and I quote "Its a good astrological time for me" and "my morals aren't really that strict"  Yeah she is a peach.
  • As Jake gave Vienna (yeah the show was all about them) a rose to save her Gia looked on and said "are you really that dumb".  I have to agree Gia.  
  • The first challenge was the couples straddling each other and see who could do it the longest.  It was a lovely visual.  It really was as Chris Harrison smirks on the sidelines.  There may have been a mention of an erection.  Quality television people.  
  • Kasey is an idiot.  He is drinking the cool-aid that Vienna is selling him.  She has that boy snowed with the constant talk of him "protecting" her.  Protecting her from what?  Jake yelled at her once.  Shut up already.  By the way Kasey and Vienna said protect 23 times that I counted.  
  • I know that this is an unpopular opinion but I believe Jake and what happened with the breakup  Now I believe that he is just as much of a fame whore as Vienna is but she seems dramatic, stupid and manipulative.  He just wants to be on TV.  
  • The two that were booted this first episode I did not even know.  Justin (meathead idiot) and Alli.  
So that was the show in a nutshell.  I hate that this whole thing is about Jake and Vienna and I do hope that this does not continue.  Her fake "I am so scared" face when he walks in the room annoys the crap out of me.  I will try to watch next week but if I continue all season I may not have an IQ left.  Just sayin...

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