Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Protect and Serve - The Bachelor Pad

Just a few little observations from this stupid ass show last night...

13 - The number of times Kasey said Protect to Vienna last night.

 2 - The number of times I almost threw up in my mouth....once when Erica was talking about Jake's package and then again when Erica kissed Jake (bless Jake's heart, he will do anything for a vote).

75 - The number of minutes that I actually missed Dave and Natalie from last season and wish that they would take the place of Vienna and Kasey.

5 - Number of minutes I laughed at the stupid fight that Kasey and Vienna go into last night. 

3 - Number of times Mike's face made me feel sorry for him about still being in love with Holly.

17 - The number of times that I thought that Kasey was an idiot during the show (and that is a low number for last night)

22 - Number of times I questioned my sanity for watching this show last night.

I was a little surprised at how abruptly the show ended but I guess it made for "good" TV.  Till next week.

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