Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is everyone doing All-stars? ANTM announces 14 flashbacks

The women of the all-star cast include: Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1), Camille McDonald (Cycle 2), Brittany Brower (Cycle 4), Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5), Bre Scullark (Cycle 5), Bianca Golden (Cycle 9), Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10), Isis King (Cycle 11), Sheena Sakai (Cycle 11), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12), Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13), Angelea Preston (Cycle 14), Kayla Ferrel (Cycle 15) and Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16).

Now some of these I don't remember and of course some I do.  I had sworn off ANTM because I could no longer stomach Tyra Banks but this might me interesting.  Sheena against Camille; Bianca against Dominique; and Lisa just being Lisa.  I might watch at least the first episode.

Anyone you remember?


Bob said...

Lisa was all kinds of wack-a-doo!

And I liked Bre.

But Tyra? Do we need to have Tyra?

Tivo Mom said...

I would like the Jays to run the show. I could jump aboard with that...