Thursday, August 11, 2011

SYTYCD...and the winner is!

The night was full!  Full of dancing, full of tears, full of self congratulatory judges and full of fillers (the point of the Glee thing?).  I was glad to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson back for the finale but I could have done without Robin "her face does not move" Antin.  As always to fill the 2 hour results show, each judge gets to pick his or her favorite dances.  Most of the choices from the season I would agree with.  I had a few questions about some of the group numbers but again I know a lot of that is to make sure that everyone can get changed. 

Then they started eliminating.  Tadd was the first to shock there.  He did admit he was only 5'4" (which explains his heels last night in his number with Sasha).  So with a smile and a bouquet of flowers (?) Tadd went on his merry way.  Next to go was Marko.  Again no real surprise.  We all knew that it was going to come down to the girls.  I actually was a big fan of Marko and was so glad that he did so well.  He is an amazing dancer and he seemed like a genuine nice guy. Again with the flowers and Marko left the stage.

And the winner is......Melanie.  I think that I knew this would happen since the first week.  She has been amazing all season and I definitely think that she deserved it.  Big props to Sasha.  She was phenomenal and so talented. 

Another season over and no more Nigel for awhile (am I glad about that).  I know many dogged this season but I enjoyed it.  My only issue was that I never found a dancer that I loved.  Oh well there is always next season.  Congrats to Melanie (and Sasha too).

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Bob said...

I was kind of hoping for Sasha, because she has such passion when she dances.
But Melanie's good, very technical.

You are so right about that woman's frozen face. You.Cannot.Look.Away.