Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have been thinking...

I know scary right?  As the school year has begun, or almost for me, I have been thinking about my blog and the direction it is going.  I know, I know, I do this every year when the school year and soccer season begins to loom in front of me.  Anyway, no major changes.  I will still watch my shows (and a few new ones that I am going to check out) but I am going to be doing more mom stuff again.  I sometimes forget about the mom stuff and I need to be able to vent and talk as needed. 

I have been reading this book (yes I do read a lot) and in it the main character writes bits of advice for her granddaughter (to be determined) as she muddles through dating life.  I think I might trying writing down some of my advice for my children as well.  I mean I have so much knowledge about how to screw things up that I should share this with someone. 

Anyway, looking forward to the week ahead.  I am so glad that everyone is doing well after Irene.  My family in NC is a little beat up but fine.  Wish me luck tomorrow as I meet the parents of the children in my new classes this year.  I try to make a good impression but I do have a tendency to talk.  And yes I know that you are all shocked. 

Later y'all

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froggy said...

So far, so good, on all hurricane threatened bunnies!