Monday, January 30, 2012

Gossip Girl - The Wedding?

On this, the day of the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, it was supposed to be about a wedding.  Blair and Louis, to be exact.  So the question is, did it actually happen?  Did Blair go through with it?  Did Chuck protest?  Did Dan confess his love?  And oh wait, Georgina showed up too.  And let the craziness begin. 

The episode began with Serena dreaming about singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend".  Dumb really.  A filler no doubt but whatevs, lets get to the good stuff. 

We all thought Chuck had joined forces with the evil preacher but the good Chuck reared his ugly head and gave the preacher a touch of Montazuma's revenge (water from the Bass resort in Mexico to be exact) so that Blair's wedding would come off without a hitch.  Enter Georgina.

As Blair starts to freak out and Serena's hair looks like she is housing a family of squirrels, we all realize that this wedding is not long for this world.  Eleanor shows up at Chuck's house to tell him to stop the wedding.  Now we really know this is not going to happen.  Oh wait, Rufus and Lilly to the rescue.  They catch Georgina trying to seduce Louis and try to have her thrown out.

And then Chuck arrives..."don't marry him" he says.  As Blair professes her love to Chuck she tries to keep her promise to God by telling Chuck that she cannot be with him.  And Georgina got it all on tape to send to Gossip Girl.  But wait Serena tells Chuck the truth about Blair's "pact" with God.  At this point I am sitting on the edge of my seat (OK not really but it helps the suspense).  But then a Gossip Girl blasts interrupts the wedding as Blair admits her love for Chuck.  Is this it?

So Georgina ruins the wedding but makes it worse by making everyone second guess who actually sent the blast in to Gossip Girl.  One must admit the girl is fun.  But wait, the wedding happens!  Blair is married to the Prince.  Chuck and Blair are over!  

And just when you think everything is done...Serena confesses her love to Dan.  Huh? (that's what Dan said).  Oh and on another note, Charlie Rhodes (the real Charlie Rhodes) just happens to be working the wedding as a caterer and starts talking to Nate.  How big is New York by the way?  Oh and one more thing, Louis drops the bombshell.  He and Blair are married in name only.  It will all be fake and she just has to smile for the cameras.  Blair calls Chuck at the end (or so we think) but no its Dan and Blair leaves with Dan?

And Georgina is Gossip Girl?

One crazy episode.  I do not even know what to think.  Let me process.  Jammed packed hour though.  Loved it....

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