Thursday, January 19, 2012

Modern Family last night

I was really looking forward to this episode.  I had read that Lily was going to drop the f-bomb and I could not wait to see how Mitchell and Cam reacted.  Admittedly that part was funny last night, but the debate (or the mock debate) definitely stole the show.  My favorite moments and lines from last night...
  • The mock debate with the kids helping Claire to become more likable was hilarious.  The buzzers alone (along with the brush and mop microphones) made me laugh.  Luke using the operation game, and Haley using the bike horn made me laugh every time they beeped in.  And once the family started in on Claire and her bad side, I wanted to once again applaud the forgotten children of Modern Family. 
  • Mitchell to Cam when discussing becoming political, "we leave town on Gay Pride weekend to avoid the traffic."
  • The entire conversation about Phil and Valentine's Day when he was arrested in the wrong hotel room.  It was like a runaway train that no one could take their eyes (or ears) off of.
  • Luke about Lily's dress, "somebody turn her off I think I am having a seizure."
  • In general the wedding...the light up bow ties, the light up dresses and Lily dropping many f-bombs.
  • Phil to Haley, "someday I will walk you down the isle" as Haley responds, "if you're not in perv jail" 
The entire episode was funny.  I was actually surprised that  there was so much controversy about THE word because it was bleeped so well.  Funny television people and for those of us that have children (or nieces and nephews) we have all been there with the bad words spoken in the most inopportune places.  Or at least I have. 


Bob said...

We have it on the DVR but, man oh man, week after week this show is high-larious! said...

I loved it, too. And all of those that worried about the possibility of a "bad word" should be reminded that their television has an OFF button. Don't @#*&%! up the fun for the rest of us!