Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why do I care?

So I am trying to catch up on the week that was.  For me this means reading People.com and EW.com, others I know read USA Today and the Wall Street Journal but there is nothing going on that People does not know.  Anyway, here is my question....why do I care?

Why do I care if Russel Brand and Katy Perry break up.  I actually like them both and think that they are genuinely talented people but do I care if they split?  Not sure about that.  I think they fit together.  I guess I wonder what happened.  So yes, on this one I care.

Why do I care if Kim Kardashian got bangs?  Yes this was a headline on People.com and this is a no brainer.  I do not care if Kim Kardashian got bangs.  Have not even glanced at the picture.

Why do I care if Johnny Weir got married?  Actually I kind of like Johnny Weir.  I know some think he is a little diva-ish but I find him entertaining and if he found his one true love than good for him.

Aretha got engaged.  Yep I care.  Good for her for finding love again.  Handsome man too.

The moral of this is that I care about most celebrities except the Kardashians.  I don't know why I care but I do.  Maybe its an escape, maybe I like reading about glamorous things, maybe when someone entertains me I think of them as friends.  Who knows?  But for some reason I care, again except for the Kardashians.  Anything else I missed. 


froggy said...

Just recently figured out what a Kardashian is....!!

Bob said...

I don't care about Perry and Bran, or any of those K's.
Johnny getting married was hot, and Aretha getting engaged is cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Not sure I care.