Thursday, January 12, 2012

Modern Family last night

I was really looking forward to Modern Family last night.  I needed a laugh.  And I got a few just not as many as I wanted.  I had a few lines/scenes that were my favorite...
  • I do love that Alex gets so competitive and she knows that she is smarter than the whole family.  Everyone else is just "playing for second place"
  • Cam and Mitchell singing, "Don't go breaking my heart my heart" and Mitchell actually getting into it.  Plus just the total dumbness of the pregnant teen who could have been their baby mama (East Dakota anyone)
  • Claire and Jay's competitiveness was funny (although I felt that it was a little overdone)
  • And Phil...his scenes were subtle in their humor although I do love it when he is a little more out there. 
All and all not my favorite episode but I am looking forward to next week when Lily drops the f-bomb.  Thoughts, comments.....

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