Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello my friends!!!!!

Happy 2012 everyone!  I have missed you all and am looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things.  I returned yesterday from NC after seeing my entire family (including my new nephew).  I had a wonderful time and it was hard to come home but here we are back in Sunny South Florida.  As I catch up on the world and try to get through the Tivo lists I will be posting accordingly.  Let me know if I have missed anything exciting and I cannot wait to hear from everyone.  I will be checking the blogs today and tomorrow.  Oh and I need to lose 15 pounds.  Just saying!


Anonymous said...

I hope you got this week's HIMYM! Laugh/cry/laugh/cry/laugh/smile/laugh!

Bob said...

Sounds like a nice time, and you left just in time to miss the Big Chill we're finally getting!!

David Dust said...

Happy New Year!!!