Monday, October 20, 2008

Behind the Eight Ball

I never understood what this phrase meant. My mom would always say that she was "behind the eight ball" when she felt overwhelmed or could not get everything done. Well today (actually this week) I am "behind the eight ball". My husband's birthday is this week and I am having a party for him this Saturday night. I have to clean (no more cleaning lady for me) plus the children want to decorate for Halloween and I am visiting schools for the kids for next year. And to top it all off my parents are coming for a visit next week. I just feel as if I need either a hot bath, a drink (or maybe both together), a housekeeper or some sleep. Bear with me.


Joy said...

Wow! You really do have a full schedule. Good luck and hang in there! Can you get any help?

Tivo Mom said...

I wish. I know that I am no busier than anyone else I just don't handle it as well. Is it possible to have ADD as an adult?