Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gossip Girl - Fashion Week

Gossip Girl is totally getting back into the groove and this most recent episode about Fashion Week really turned up the bitch meter to an all new level. I cannot decide if I like the new Serena (new attitude not new person) but she certainly makes things interesting. Also, Dan and Chuck as friends not real believable but entertaining and a little sad.

This week began with Blair prepping to get back to the natural order of things by bribing the minions with front row seats to her Mom's fashion show. Serena still stole the spotlight and Blaire was left wondering how to re-gain her throne. In a strange spurt of bitchiness (mixed with hurt feelings) Blair almost ruined her Mother's show and in the process lost Serena as an ally. Serena has decided that she always "held back" for Blair and maybe it is her time to "shine". Maybe so Serena but you must get a better pose for the photogs. Yours looked like old Paris Hilton before she became so desperate.

As for Check and Dan; with Nate out of town Chuck seemed a bit lonely. Enter Dan on a mission to get outside of his "comfort" zone and see the world from another view. After drinking too much and getting "kicked to the curb" (literally) by Chuck; Dan goes back for seconds to find out what makes Chuck tick. He finds out but in the process makes an enemy when Chuck realizes that Dan is using him for a story.

Chuck vows revenge on Dan, little Jenny and Blair are fast becoming friends, Serena is Queen Bee with an attitude and Nate and Vanessa...well they weren't really missed. No new episode for two weeks (what?). But when we return, college visits. XOXO


Leonardo D'Cato said...

I kinda like the new Serena, but she totally can't beat Blair. What's up with the upcoming "visiting college" the show gonna continue into their college years? that's totally "save by the bell"-ish.

Tivo Mom said...

Remember when 90210 went to college? Maybe that is how it would be. They cannot leave NY though, that's part of the show. I must say the new Serena is much more interesting.