Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway - Three Against One

As a child it was never fun to have a playdate with three people. Two undoubtedly ganged up on the third and someone always ended up crying. Now four was a good number. Two against two and you had a fun filled day. Not, so it seems, in the world of Project Runway. Not when one of the four is Kenley (aka mean girl from hell).

I am still smarting (and confused) about my complete turnaround last week when I was actually pulling for Suede to win over Kenley. Alas it did not happen and SHE returned for another week. This week was all about flowers as inspiration using photos taken from the New York Botanical Gardens.

The mood (get it Mood) in the workroom was tense to say the least. Jerell, Leanne, and Korto seem like the best of friends while Kenley still does not understand how any of them are still around. Now I understand being a little cocky and self-assured but some (Kenley) seem to take it all the way to that "bitch I am better than you" level. Which is completely inappropriate when you are creating a dress for Fred Flintstone's dinosaur.

All of the designers seemed to have trouble with this design. We have all seen this in years past; the designers have a complete meltdown in the challenge right before Bryant Park.

The judges liked (not loved) Jerell and Leanne's designs, although neither was perfect. After rolling her eyes and talking back to Heidi, Kenley was shocked to discover that she was in the bottom with Korto. At this point I am about to call Bravo myself. To keep Kenley and send Korto home would be blasphemy and a sin against all mankind.

They keep all four. What this again? The judges could not make a decision (really?) and so they opted to keep the four remaining designers and let them all compete to have a place at Bryant Park. Wait a minute; why do Jerell and Leanne have to compete for a place in the top three? Their outfits were the best this week. It should be Kenley and Korto and you know Korto can kick Kenley's ass (one way or another).

So next week we will see who gets into the final three. I just know that one of the designers that I like will end up not making it and the bitch from hell will. Where is my reunion special? I so want to see all of the designers laying into Kenley for her attitude. I need her to cry more and feel ganged up on. This is what she deserves; not Bryant Park.


Joy said...

Amen!! I totally agree with everything you said! Kenley got on all my nerves and made me furious! She should have been GONE! What happened to those judges? And that is crazy that Jerrell and Leanne have to compete to be one of the finalists. No! It should be between Korto and Kenley, not that Kenley should have been given a chance at all.

David Dust said...

I cannot wait for the reunion show so they can call out Kenley for her stank.