Friday, October 10, 2008

The Doom and Gloom Continues (or maybe not)

As the economy continues to crash I thought it would be nice for all of us to think about certain things that make us smile (I am not being too Pollyanna, I just am sick of all of the horror). So here are my things this week that have made me smile...

My daughter has decided that she wants to be Wonder Woman (now there is a kick ass superhero) for Halloween. In her four years she has never seen a Wonder Woman cartoon but I mentioned that I used to play Wonder Woman (underoos anyone?) as a child and she thought that was cool.

I got my first paycheck in four years this week (I stopped working after my second child was born). Now it was small but I earned it. Impressive huh?

My daughter almost strangled herself with the seatbelt the other day. This itself at the time was not funny; somehow she was messing around and the seatbelt went around her neck and then locked. As I was trying to get her head out of the knot she looked at me in her dramatic way and said, "just leave me here forever Mommy." I still have to smile about that one.

We have a babysitter tomorrow night and my husband and I are going to sit by the water, in a bar and drink. After the past few weeks I think we all need to participate in this activity.

This is random but there is a dumb (and I mean dumb) show on CMT called Cheerleaders about girls trying out to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. It starts back tonight and it is usually pretty entertaining for those of us who were never cheerleaders (I know ya'll are shocked that I was never a cheerleader).

I hope that everyone can come up with some kind of list that makes them smile this week (and in the weeks to come). This is what it is all about.


David Dust said...

OMG - That picture is ADORABLE!!!!!

Have fun drinking - you've earned it.

And BTW, I used to play Wonder Woman when I was a kid also. Seriously.


Joy said...

Good idea about the smiles - you made me smile. :-)

That picture is so sweet! And David, of course you played Wonder Woman! I did, too, but that's too funny.

Tivo Mom said...

Thanks as always for your comments. I am just imagining David pretending that a lone chair in the backyard was the invisible jet (oh wait that was me).

Anonymous said...

Yes, you made me smile in my crazy hectic life! We NEED to catch up! Miss you! XOXO...I wore underoos too!!! LOVE Wonderwoman!