Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway - The Finale

I gotta admit it...I was bored last night. I was bored with the collections, I was bored with the lack of drama and I was a little bored with Tim as the other judge. Now don't get me wrong; I love Tim Gunn and admire his taste but I needed to hear an outsiders point of view on the three ladies and their clothes. My one saving grace was that Kenley did not win (Thank God!). She did look mad at the end of the show and said as much when she chastised the judges for accusing her of copying other designers. I was pulling for Korto and actually liked some of her designs better just because they looked more wearable but Leanne's collection was pretty.

See that's just it, pretty, not fabulous, not super, not phenomenal just pretty. I think that this sums up the entire lackluster season. Good for Leanne for winning and good for Korto for getting to the finals. I wish Leanne would have fixed her hair but I guess that has nothing to do with her clothes.

But I must say; shame on you Bravo for taking a show that we all adore and turning it into something we have to watch and not something we want to watch. I wanted a reunion, I wanted a snazzy guest judge and I wanted a last hurrah (if the show is actually leaving) for the show that put Bravo on our Tivo list.

For those of you that watch America's Next Top Model; did anyone else notice the number of former ANTM models that were in the fashion shows? Korto's show also included Bianca Golden (ANTM cycle 10) who has been charged with assault for the fight with Nikki Blonsky (see story here). Now wouldn't she and Kenley get along swimmingly?

See you next season.


David Dust said...

Yeah - overall pretty disappointing. Harvey Weinstein should be ashamed of himself.

But at least we have Top Chef to look forward to...


Tivo Mom said...

I cannot wait for the commentary.

Joy said...

I agree. Harvey Weinstein is on our list for sure. Let's hope Top Chef doesn't get screwed with!