Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway - and then there were three...

I knew that I was going to be disappointed. I knew that she (Kenley aka bitch from hell) was going to go on the Bryant Park. I remembered what everyone told me about Santino and Wendy Pepper (they sucked but made for good television) making it to the final three when others deserved it more. I had prepared myself but even preparing myself for the worst did not make the final decision of the judges any less painful last night. I was (and am) a Jerell fan; others are not (ahem you know who you are). Of course I agree with the judges last night that his gown was completely over the top but should he not have gotten into the finale on personality alone?

The show begins with Heidi letting the designers know that they have $8000 and two months to create their collection. The twist is that the collection has to include a wedding dress (?) that fits in nicely with the rest of the line (again ?). No one says good bye to Kenley and she does not speak as she walks out of the Atlas apartments. As always with the finale Tim Gunn gets in his Saturn and goes across the country to visit all of the final designers. He travels to Arkansas to see Korto, Oregon to check in on Leanne, LA to see Jerell and yes he even stops by to see Kenley in Brooklyn (how funny would it have been if he had skipped that one).

The finalists then reconvened in New York to prepare for Fashion Week. But wait one more challenge to determine the final three (seriously have these people not been through enough already). All of the designers have to create a bridesmaids dress to go with their wedding gown and present it to the judges. Poor Tim checks in on everyone and starts to cry (have we ever seen tears from this man?) telling the designers how much he cares about all of them (even Kenley?).

As you probably guessed; Jerell is the one that did not make it to Fashion Week. The judges adored Kenley's tweety bird dress (?) and Leanne's wave creation ( it was actually exquisite) but hated both Korto's design extravaganza and Jerell's over the top frothy concoction. In the end Jerell went home telling the ladies to "have fun" and that it was "all good".

Jerell and his personality will be missed in the finale but I guess we can all hope that this is one more opportunity for Korto to kick Kenley's ass. By the way for those of you watching last night; did anyone actually believe Kenley's half-ass apology? Also I am not sure but I think Korto may have called Kenley "Stankley" at one point; David Dust did you notice that? See you next week for the Runway shows. Later all.

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David Dust said...

I think Korto referred to her attitude as being "Stanky" - which is pretty close. See, it wasn't just me!

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