Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gossip Girl - Will They or Won't They?

Gossip Girl last night was little tired to say the least. Still love the show and it is still the only show I watch in real time buuuut the whole Chuck and Blair thing (will they have sex, do they love each other etc) is getting a little old. Either do it or get back to hating each other. As I have already stated; I want Chuck Bass to be Chuck Bass and he cannot be that person (or slime) if he is mooning over Blair. Thank goodness the writers realized this (for now) and allowed Chuck and Blair to walk away.

In other news little Jenny's storyline is just not interesting to me. Who else guessed that Eleanor would steal her designs (pick me) or that after Nate moved in that they would hook up (again pick me). Of course Nate "saved" Jenny from going to far with a model and photographer but still boring in my opinion. I just want the show back to its core group and Jenny was only a part of that inasmuch as she was the gum on the bottom of Blair's shoe.

As for Serena and Dan (yawn); Serena has met an artist and is interested but he left last night with another woman. How does Dan feel about it? Well in his eternally good guy manner he has "given his blessing" (yawn again fight for the girl you love dumbass).

So to break it down; last night's episode sucked but Gossip Girl is still one of the better shows on television right now and the only show that has the distinction of keeping me interested from start to finish (in real time). As for next week, more of the Little J storyline but Dan beats up Nate. Now I love fights! XOXO.

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