Monday, October 6, 2008

The Ex List

I did end up watching The Ex List (not until last night) and I liked it but (always a but) I was a little turned off by the lead actress, Elizabeth Reaser as Bella Bloom. Now Joy (see her blog here) who did not like her on Gray's Anatomy would not watch the show because of her, now I see why. Ms. Reaser seems a little blunt, manly (just a little) and maybe not as cute as she thinks she is. However (always a however), the rest of the cast is absolutely adorable. The supporting players (especially Alexandra Breckenridge as the best girl friend and Rachel Boston as Bella's sister) are hysterical and work great together as a group. This is why I am going to try it one more time. I like the premise of the show (all of the ex boyfriends) I just have to decide if I can get past my dislike of the main character enough to actually enjoy the rest of the show. If anyone Tivoed the pilot episode, watch it, if only for the pubic hair hilarity.

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Joy said...

OK, I might try it next week. I don't feel as strongly against her as I do David Caruso, who I saw briefly when changing channels tonight. Argh! She bothers me for the same reasons you mentioned. The premise of the show is intriguing.