Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl - Best of the Rest...

As most of you know I love football (with a passion) and watch the big game with bated breath. Tonight I was pulling for the Saints...and to watch them pull out a win was amazing. Congrats to Drew Brees and Reggie Bush (my favorite) and the rest of the team from New Orleans. There are parties everywhere in New Orleans tonight (legendary ones).

With that said, here are my other favorite things that stood out tonight and made the game worth watching.

  • The Best Commercial - I will get plenty of flack for this because the Bud Light commercials were cute but the Google commercial (Paris, chocolates to crib) was by far my favorite. Simple, easy and a great representation of the product. Well done!
  • Best Play on the Field - The on-side kick by the Saints to start the 2nd half. No one expected it (especially the Colts) and it led to a score by the Saints. Its the Super Bowl, you gotta pull out all the stops; and they did.
  • Best Moment that made me Smile - You all know how I feel about How I Met your Mother. To see Barney Stinson (aka NPH) in the stands with a phone number (which was real) just made me laugh. Called the number. I now have a date with Barney.
  • Best Hoopla over Nothing - The Tim Tebow commercials were a non issue (in my opinion). It was short and no one paid any attention to it. Even those of us who are pro-choice blinked and missed it. Glad we fought over that one (sarcasm abounds). The only problem; did the hoopla make people want to know more?
  • Best National Anthem - Obviously Carrie Underwood (the only one to sing it) but I wanted to give her props. The anthem was sung well and the country star looked great. Even the over-the-top shoes seemed to fit. Well done!
  • Best Game-Changing moment - the late interception by Tracy Porter (Saints) to give the Saints the final score to put the game away. Exciting moment of course but also you (I) could only imagine what New Orleans was doing at that moment.
  • Best Quarterback who did not win - Of course Peyton Manning is phenomenal. I adore him and although I was pulling for the Saints, it was difficult to pull against Manning. I love a man that can be goofy and laugh at himself. Plus Peyton Manning is a true, dedicated player. Wonderful season Mr. Manning. No one comes close.
I am sure I missed aplenty. Let me know what you thought of the game (and the commercials). Was it all that you had hoped?

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