Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol - Top 24 drama continued...

Last night the remaining Top 24 for this season of American Idol was revealed. Chris Golightly made the list but then in the remaining moments was removed from the ads for next week. What happened? Here is some information that I found on

Chris Golightly was disqualified yesterday. “Hollywood Contestant” Samantha Musa called Chris shortly after the show and tweeted.

“Just got off the phone with Chris GoLightly. He was disqualified yesterday, after already being told he was in the top 24, over some bogus old contract. The contract expired, but they disqualified him for not telling them. He is talking to lawyers, but doubt they can do anything.”

So what happened? Right now there is no official word on why Chris is out and Tim is in. There was a rumor floating that Michael Lynche was disqualified when his father ran his mouth about his son making the Top 24. Is it possible that Michael was actually Chris and the Idol guru’s messed up? Maybe. We will keep track of any updates but I fear we will never get anything official.

The website continues the speculation that young Chris had a contract for a boy band and was never officially released. Anyway, does this mean that Michael Lynche (Big Mike) is OK and that it is this Chris fella that has been booted? Or will the contract mess work itself out and Chris will be back next week? Does anyone have any information?


David Dust said...

Do you read Rickey is a friend of Howard's (the music blogger extraordinaire), and his website is consistently named the #1 American Idol blog.


Tivo Mom said...

thank you DD. I will check it out.