Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Amazing Race is back...

I just got back last night from the Georgia mountains. We had so much fun (even with the snow). The trip was exactly what my husband and I needed but it has been difficult coming back to reality today. With that said, I have been very excited about The Amazing Race returning and watched Sunday's episode last night. Loved it, loved it, loved it and with so many fun couples the show seems to be back after the snoozefest of last season (who won that one anyway?). For a full recap check out EW.com (here). I just wanted to point out my top 5 stupid/funny thoughts from the first episode.
  1. Chile is not pronounced China ever. This is for Jordan and Jeff (of Big Brother fame). Jordan could not seem to recognize this fact as she kept mispronouncing where the first stop was going to be.
  2. Brazil and Chile are two different countries. Jet and Cord (cowboy hats)seemed unaware of this has they exchanged money for Chile and decided that Brazilian money made sense?
  3. Always, always follow the clues word for word. Even if you don't understand what a word means, ask! Have you learned nothing from seasons past Caite and Brent? Another missed clue, another 30 minute penalty. By the way Caite is the Teen Miss SC who did not know what geography was which leads me to #4.
  4. Make sure that you include a gay man when you have also included a former beauty queen that has been portrayed as a complete imbecile on national television. Gay men apparently do wicked impersonations of beauty queens. Very impressive Jordan (of the brothers team).
  5. Loved, loved, loved that the Dad and daughter team (Steve and Allie) painted the inside of a house before they figured out that they were in the wrong place. I would have loved to have hung out with those workers while this was happening. I bet they were laughing their asses off.
So the show is off to a great start as far as I can tell. Sad to see the high school sweethearts (Dana and Adrian) get booted first but someone has to go home on the first leg. Looks like a great season. Not sure who my team is yet but I will let you know. Any thoughts? Are you happy with the fact that the show continues to put "named" people in the race? Later all.

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Linda's TV said...

Yeah, that scene where the father/daughter painted the wrong house was hilarious! And I agree, it was sad to see the high school sweethearts go. They had so much heart. And after all he went through, falling off the wire twice...terrifying!