Thursday, February 4, 2010

When will the 15 minutes end?

I was ironing tonight (I know I am a good wife) and had the television on to pass the time. While watching Entertainment Tonight I was outraged (OK maybe not outraged but miffed) by the story that the show was doing on Levi Johnston. The man/boy is trying so hard to be a good father and get more time with his son, so he has the ET cameras follow him around for the 6 hours a week that he has him. In fact, shock of all shocks, he shows ET how he changes his son's diapers and plays with him. Wow that is fascinating (are you detecting my sarcasm at all)! Please let this man/boy go away. Stop putting him on television, please. No doubt he is thankful that he has become a member of the "lucky sperm" club so that he can use his son to become famous. But if we stop catering to the bullshit maybe he will disappear. As I have stated in the past, I am not a Palin fan (never have been). You have to admit that at least she and her daughter have not used the child as a tool for publicity. Ranting finished. Thanks for listening.


froggy said...

We have looked at the enemy and he is us. Until Levi doesn't bring in viewers he is going to continue to extend his 15 minutes.

Tivo Mom said...

you are right Froggy. Still bothers me and I posted his picture so I fed in to it as well

Joy said...

Lucky sperm club - I like that!