Thursday, February 18, 2010

One last mention - Idol Top 24

This is the latest on the Idol Top 24 scandal. Apparently Michael Lynche is going to be allowed to stay (yeah!) but Chris Golightly will in fact have to leave due to his contract transgressions. Full story here .

Joe's Place additionally reports that Chris is now meeting with a high-powered attorney, and he just might have a good case here, in light of Idol's inconsistency regarding disqualifications. A couple weeks ago, it was rumored that Season 9 contestant Michael Lynche would be kicked off the show because his father violated Idol's confidentiality agreement by prematurely talking about his son's success to the press--but it appears Idol producers let that transgression slide, and actually allowed Michael to stay.

I feel bad for this kid and it seems as if he is being treated unfairly. Although now that he is doing interviews it must be for real. Not a great start to the season Idol.

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