Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Amazing Race - The Cowboy Way

I finally just watched the Amazing Race from Sunday night and I wanted to give a few thoughts and shout-outs to the show.

First, I love, love, love that the cowboys won this leg of the race. They look and sound a little slow but they surprised us all with their sneakiness and ability to thrive on their own. Good job Jet and Cord. Oh and by the way, how do you forget your hat cover? Its the Amazing Race, it will rain at some point. Kudos for making your own.

Dear Amazing Race, please make detours more challenging. Both "challenges" seemed easy and inconsequential to the race and the country the teams were in. I like to watch the teams sweat and learn about the local culture.

Next, the blurring of the cows pooping just makes me laugh. Not sure what CBS was protecting us, the viewers, from but I am still laughing. CBS there is a book out there called "Everybody Poops" read it.

I actually enjoy the little interviews with Jeff and Jordan. She is clueless and he just seems to enjoy tripping her up. Funny stuff and they actually seem like a real couple to me. Not at all sure about the lesbians. They are not very nice. I was hoping to like them but as of right now it is not happening.

Finally, not that sad to see Grandmother and granddaughter lose. The Grandmother (what was her name again) seemed rehearsed and wanted to be old and soft-spoken while the granddaughter had very little personality at all.

Looking forward to a few meltdowns next week. What did you think this week?

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