Saturday, September 3, 2011

College Game Day!!!!

I am so excited!  College football has returned and I now know what to do with my Saturdays.  I am watching ESPN and feeling as if I have been reunited with an old friend.  Love love love that it is that time of year again.  Now my team ....NC State Wolfpack has a nonsense game today (we play Liberty) but my goodness the day is full of real games.  The Ducks (Oregon) play LSU and I will be pulling for the Ducks (Froggy this one is for I am a fan) and Georgia plays Boise State.  My southern self has to go with Georgia but we will say how the day plays out.  The sun is shining, I should be outside but I am not and I don't know if I will be.  Happy Game Day people!

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