Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bachelor Pad Finale - Part 1

Have you ever looked at a group of people and felt that not one of them deserves to win?  Yep that is how I feel about the finale of the Bachelor Pad.  Although I would be less sad if anyone but Kasey and Vienna were to win.   So the final four couples head to Vegas to perform a routine for Ciirque de Soleil...because this is what we all should be able to do to win $250,000.  I felt as if Chris Harrison may have been smirking at the scared shitless couples...just saying.  The winner (of whatever it is that they have to do) gets to go straight to the finals.  The losers go home immediately. 

Of course Kasey makes the statement that he and Vienna are going to win because they are the "best" couple in the house.  Yep because being suspended 100 feet in the air and performing well is all about being the "best" couple.

Quick question...what do 3 former Bachelor/Bachelorette people know about performing in a Cirque De Soleil routine?  How did they get to be judges?  They did pick Holly and Michael to win the challenge so they go immediately to the finale so at least they got something right.  Plus how fake was that kiss from Vienna and Kasey?  

So sad that Kirk and Ella had to go home.  Ella was devestated and blamed herself.   I liked her and I wanted her to get some of the money.  So yeah, I am pulling for Michael and Holly to win.  Even if they are not a couple; even if Holly dissed Michael for Blake, even if Kasey really does have a sick grandmother (yeah right)...Holly and Michael are the only choice to win. 

OK here is the kicker...Holly and Michael get to choose who is in the final with them.  If they choose Vienna and Kasey then they will win (who would vote for Vienna/Kasey over Holly/Michael), if they choose Graham/Michelle then the decision is up in the air.  And the decision is....Michelle and Graham.  Holly and Michael are the bigger people and stuck to their word. 

Suck it Kasey and Vienna!!!!!! 

Who will win..stay tuned...

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