Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ringer and SMG - What did you think?

So I watched Sarah Michelle Gellar last night in her new show Ringer and I will say right had promise.  Now I am not saying it was perfect.  And by no means did the show have the pizazz of Buffy (oh and when did SMG get in a tussle and yell help ever).  But it was interesting and left me wanting to watch the next episode.  The whole twin thing was interesting (if not a little confusing) and there are enough pretty people on the show to make it a real CW hit.  So I will continue to watch and see what happens.  Did anyone else watch?  What did you think?

Oh and the boat scene was ridiculously fake but at least it did not last long.

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David Dust said...

Of course I completely forgot to see it. Damn.