Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmys - My 2 favorite moments

I just watched the Emmys from last night.  Yes I am a rock star and attended another concert last night.  We went to see Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey (without Steve Perry).  It was fun but a definite throwback to the days of old but I digress.  I tivoed the award show and I am going to be very, very brief.  I was not crazy about the show.  There were some good moments but overall it was fairly boring.  I did have 2 moments that just made it worth watching...

The ladies of comedy pretending to be in a beauty pageant and "crowning" Melissa McCarthy the winner.  The expressions on the faces of these women was priceless and I loved how well they all did this together. 

And of course my top favorite moment last night was Kyle Chandler winning for Friday Night Lights.  My favorite show ever finally received Emmy love and to give it to the Coach made my night.  BTW, FNL also won a writing award which was a double shot of love for the show. 

Did anyone else have a favorite moment last night?  What did you think of the show?  Was anyone else bored? 


Bob said...

I was bored, but I loved the comedy gals.
I also loved that Downton Abby won so many awards. it was brilliant and beautiful.

Joy said...

I had exactly the same two favorite moments you did with the added happiness that the writers also won for Friday Night Lights. It was obvious Kyle wasn't prepared to win and forgot to thank Connie and his wife but did when they were playing the music. Otherwise the show was lame.