Friday, September 16, 2011

Project Runway...real quick...

I just finished watching last night's episode of Project Runway and I had just a few observations:
  • I am not real sure how Joshua won last night and Viktor did not.  Joshua's dress was cute (I guess) but it seemed so simplistic.  Viktor had an entire LOOK!
  • In this same vein, how was Bert chastised for being TOO simple when Joshua's dress seemed just as simple to me?  Are the judges playing favorites again.  
  • I hated Anya's dress.  I now, I know I have no style but that one sleeve thing drives me crazy. Olivier's top was better looking because he left it sleeveless (and I usually do not like him at all).
  • It was painful having to watch Olivier interacting with other people.  
  • It was Bryce's time to go for sure.  
I am starting too get into the show more and I like Viktor more now than I did in the beginning.  I still do not have anyone that I am seriously pulling for.  


froggy said...

I was wondering, overnight (and how sick is that?) but Olivier never seems to smile or laugh. I think the one win he had was the only time he smiled. I don't think he realized how offensive he was being. Just feels off plumb somehow.

Bob said...

Spot on.
I agree with everything you said.