Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Do I Pull For Now On Project Runway?

I am actually sad about who went home last night on PR.  After finally getting rid of Olivier last week I was hoping for at least a week of keeping designers I liked before I had to say goodbye.  Plus, it took me forever this season to actually land on anyone that I liked.  Anthony Ryan will be missed.  Here are my observations from last night:
  • I actually knew the minute that AR's designs walked out that he was going home.  There was no recovery from this.  Nice guys do not finish first when their outfits looked like that.  
  • I dislike Josh more each week and do not even find him annoyingly funny anymore.
  • Viktor not sharing made me not like him for a brief moment.  I know, I know this is a competition and its not about making friends but help a girl out with some fabric.  
  • Is anyone else liking Bert more and more or is it just me?  Loved his top.  I mean, that top, designer jeans and fun heels and yep I am going out.  
  • Laura is annoying and I hope that Nina kicks her ass.
  • Tim crying made me cry a little.  Never seen that happen before.  Damn you producers of PR for getting rid of someone that everyone liked and for making Tim Gunn cry.  
Next week challenge is for the birds apparently.  Next to go is either Laura, Bert or Kimberly.  Stupid Josh will stay until the bitter end.  Later all.  


froggy said...

Making Tim cry should be a federal offense!!! I'm betting Laura goes next.

Bob said...

Your comments are spot on.
i agree with all of them.

I'm feeling more Team Anya now.

David Dust said...

Laura's Fashion Week collection got the most praise - I wonder if she actually makes it to the end.

I bet Kimberly will be the next to go - she isn't controversial and she's not exactly been burning up the runway lately.

I'm leaning toward Team Viktor ... I don't trust Anya.