Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Which New Shows Are You Watching....

I know that we are only halfway through the first week of new shows but I wanted to find out what people were watching and what has spiked interest among the old and the new shows so far this season.  Here is what I have watched and what I think (if you care)...

Monday Night:
How I Met Your Mother - Of course I watched both episodes and I am excited about the new season.  Robin's back in love with Barney, Barney has a thing for Nora, Marshall and Lily are finally expecting and Ted glimpses Victoria (remember the cupcake girl from Season 1 or 2).  I thought that the first two episodes were great and my husband is still walking around saying "Edward 40-hands".  Can't wait...
Two and a Half Men - I had to watch.  I have never watched before and I could not resist the hoopla.  Without knowing any of the back story I must say, it was not half bad.  I might watch again just to see how Ashton does.  It was funny and they handled the death of Charlie really well.
2 Broke Girls - Sort of cute.  I might check it out again.  2 girls working as waitresses both down on their luck.  Not sure if it will stay on the list or not.  There is something appealing about it. 
The Playboy Club - OK, I know that this has been panned by the critics and I watched thinking I would hate it.  Guess what, I didn't.  I actually really liked it.  Its a Soap Opera, no doubt but there is something fascinating about this lifestyle and time period and I really liked it.  Plus Eddie Cibrian is hot as shit.  Will watch again for sure. 

Tuesday Night:
Glee - I am really, really hoping to get back to the greatness of Season 1 this year.  The premiere was not as promising as I would have liked and there are too many other things to watch now if the Glee people don't get it together.  It was not bad.  I just got bored about halfway through and I do not like that feeling.  Of course I will continue to watch but I am hoping to get back to the beginning. 
Ringer - I watched the Pilot last week with Sarah Michelle Gellar and I liked it.  It was intriguing and confusing all at the same time.  I have not watched episode 2 yet but I think that the show will hold my attention.  I am hoping for that anyway. 
The New Girl - My favorite new show thus far.  How cute is Zooey Deschanel?  This show has the premise and promise to be great and judging by the pilot I am excited.  I know that there will be some casting changes but the show seems like something special. 

OK these are the ones I have watched.  Have I missed anything?  Oh and I did watch Up All Night last week but figured I would mention that one on Friday with my Wednesday and Friday posts.  What did you think?  Was I right about The Playboy Club or did you think it was cheesy?  God I love the new television season.  Wondering which show will be the first to get cancelled.

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Amber LeMay said...

I happened across "The Playboy Club" and decided to watch it. Really liked it. Then I read the reviews... probably won't last long, but I'll watch it till it's yanked (yep, that's what "I" said).