Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bachelor Pad - Nearly Wed Game????

I finally watched this tonight.  Busy week people!  But after a wild (OK I am trying) round of the Nearly Wed Game (and one mention of whoopie by Chris Harrison) the couples had dates and Blake and Erica went home.  And yes this took the entire 2 hours (OK I condensed it a little).  So my favorite quotes from the night:

Kasey when responding to the fact that he and Vienna have not had a date yet "we need some romantic one on one time and have a little stress relieved" Horny much Kase?

Kasey to Vienna.."don't be crazy" (yep that train left a long time ago Kase)

Erica about Blake, "I am totally going to seduce him"  (sorry threw up a bit in my mouth)

The look on Blake's face when Erica suggests staying in the fantasy suite...no words just a look, disgust, fear, revulsion etc...

Why in the world would Blake and Erica give the roses to Kasey and Vienna?  Obviously it backfired but did they really think that anyone would not vote for them? 

So yes, Kasey and Vienna are still in the house.  If they win, I will never watch again (ok you know that is a lie by the way but please don't let them win).  My new favorites are Ella and Kirk....

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