Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye to Entourage....

I have been meaning to do this all week and I am just getting around to it.  Sunday night was the series finale of the HBO show Entourage.  For those of you who don't know the show, this is HBO's version of a male Sex and the City but loosely based on Marky Mark's life.  Now I have watched Entourage from the beginning.  Good seasons, bad seasons and depressing seasons have all happened and the show has only been on for 7 or 8 Seasons.  For this last year (or 8 episodes) the boys have all been getting their lives together and winding down (or up for a movie).  Here are some things I liked (and hated) about the finale:

  •  Loved, loved, loved that Turtle is now a millionaire.  We have watched Turtle try his best to get out of Vince's shadow and do his own thing for years, only to be shot down or pushed down every time.  It was nice to see him actually end on a high note (even with a little help from Vince).
  • Love that Drama has a career now and it has nothing to do with his face or who his brother is.  Although Drama cashes in on Vince constantly, it has nice to see his resurgence careerwise.  
  • Hated that E and Sloan are pregnant.  I know, I know the writers wanted them to end up together but (and this is a huge but) could you ever forgive your ex for sleeping with your step-mother?  Yeah its not going to happen.  Thought this was a little too neat and tidy.
  • I actually appreciated the fact the Vince is getting married (to a girl he just met and one who rejected him).  This just fits his personality and it is sooooo Hollywood.  You know that they will be divorced in a few months but it still felt real in the world they all live in.
  • I actually liked the fact that Scott stayed behind when everyone was leaving to go to Paris.  He stated that it was a family affair and he was not part of the original family.
  • As for Ari...I am on the fence.  I am glad that he and the wife got back together but him quitting work was the only part that did not believe.  Ari is his job!  End of story.  But it came back around at the end with the job offer that you just know he is going to accept.  
The whole idea that Vince is the fairy Godmother to all of his friends did feel right.  This has always been the show.  Vince, E, Turtle, Drama (and even Ari) have lived off Vince and his fame for so long and it never seemed to bother Vince.  He had his friends and he wanted to help them and keep them around.  And this is how it ended, with Vince doing his things to make his people happy.  

Now...stay tuned for the movie.  Because there will be one.  I have no doubt. 

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