Monday, September 5, 2011

Listen to your mother...#2

Saying Ma'am and Sir to people is never a bad thing...ever!

Respect is always good.  And being respectful can never not help you to get ahead.  I have heard that people do not like it when a child says yes ma'am or yes sir but I cannot imagine how this would be.  My children say it constantly and I have never heard anything negative about it.  Respect is key, always...


Bob said...

My parents instilled this in us so much so that I still do it today.

Years ago, I was called for jury duty and when i was being questioned by the judge, I replied, "Yes sir" and "No sir". He finally asked if I was in the military and I aid, "No, I was just raised this way."

froggy said...

This is one of my biggest soap boxes.
What is ever gained by rudeness and disrespect?