Sunday, September 25, 2011

More New Shows (and old ones too)

The rest of my week, I watched more televison and thought about what I will continue to watch and what will remain on my Tivo list...

Wednesday Night:
America's Next Top Model -  I have already said that I can no longer watch this show.  Tyra is just too much for me to deal with and most of the girls who have come back for "all-stars" really make you wonder why they are still around.  I tried one last time to watch and yep, I am done. 
Up All Night - I love Cristina Applegate and Will Arnett.  I want to love this show and I am trying.  There were some very funny moments but I am still unsure of the show as a whole.  Will they run out of ideas?  Will it get too stupid?  Time will tell
Modern Family - Just Awesome!  Both episodes were terrific and yes the Emmys got it right.

Thursday Night:
Charlie's Angels - I loved the original and so I had to watch.  It was cute, I guess.  I am not sure how long this one will last.  I did not mind it but I am not sure that I will keep tuning in every week. 
Whitney - I hated this.  I felt like the entire show was one big stand up moment and that she (Whitney) delivered her lines in this vein.  I was disappointed and was expecting much more. 

I know, I know I did not watch the X-factor or any of the other highly touted new shows.  I only have so much room on my Tivo people.  I am planning on watching The Amazing Race and Pan Am tonight and Heart of Dixie on Monday Night, but my goodness I have watched a lot of shows this week.  Not sure that my children still know my name.  So here is the question, did I miss anything great?  What did you think of the new shows?  Is the new year promising?  Let me know...

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Bob said...

I felt the same way about Up All Night. I love the two leads, but it seems like they're trying too hard!