Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bachelor Pad Finale - Part 2

So the reunion special is on and for most of the "couples" the information has already leaked on who is together and who is not.  Very few surprises...we already knew about Jackie and Ames, we already knew Vienna got her nose done (by the way awful hair and the nose job must have been done after this show), and and we knew that Vienna was a fake bitch, we knew that Kasey was a tool, so the point of the reunion...more fighting between Jake and Vienna (God 15 minutes yet?).  

Although Kasey did apologize to Jake which begs the question is he still with Vienna or is he now realizing how bad she is.  Oh wait...he is crying on television.  Is this to make me like him now, because its not working.  And Vienna just looks on with that bitch ass expression on her face not trying to comfort her "boyfriend".  Apparently they are still together.  I give it what...6 months maybe!  Even Erica gives them her blessing (and why do we care) she not the one who said, "this is a mansion not a trailer park and Vienna needs to take Kasey and leave".  Now that is how I feel about fame and the public eye for both of them.

OK so the Blake and Holly thing was taped for TV...yep their engagement was taped just for ABC.  Are you kidding me?  Leave the Bachelor Pad and get engaged on national television for everyone to see.  Would have liked that better if they had kept it private.  But they are moving to SC together and I give it...6 months!  And then they tell Michael on the show, live.  Shitty, shitty, shitty...poor Michael, someone please give him a hug now...please.  I cannot believe that they told him on the show.  He was so shocked and did not know what to say.  I had to fast-forward it because it was too painful to watch.  Michael you will get your girl eventually.

OK now this 2 hours has gone on long enough.  Just tell me who won so I can go to bed please.  1 vote at a time....come on Chris Harrison.  OK so it was Holly and Michael but now Chris Harrison puts them in the finals.  I thought that was the finals.  Now its down to Keep or Share the money.  Of course Michael and Holly will Share the money...

And Michale and Holly will split the money.  The end.  Holly is engaged, Michael is sad but he has $125,000 to make it better.  I am so glad its over yes you know I will watch again as much as I bitch about it and on to the new bachelor. and I am going to bed.  Welcome to Ben F. 

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