Friday, February 22, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

This week brought Ronnie and Frankie back (shock on Frankie coming back) and Stephanie went home. I was actually completely surprised that Stephanie went home. I thought she would be there at the end but America voted (on the something wireless network, Niki has to get the plug in every time) ad America wanted the boys.

This week the models came out of their comfort zone and had to pose with a snake in a tank of water. Dumb concept, good pictures. As I saw it, the only models that did not struggle with this task were Ronnie and Frankie (slightly ironic). I think once Frankie cut off his locks he was a whole new model (no more Fabio).

The runway show was hilarious with all of the animals. No one could really control their animals except Jackie (she had a trained Poodle) and the ones that could be carried (peacock, duck etc). Ben tried to carry his donkey (or goat?) but it just looked dumb. At the end of the runway show Ben, Perry and Jackie ended up in the bottom three. I loved when the judges called out Perry about his attitude. Although I think he will return next week it was nice to see the cocky smile wiped off of his face for a brief moment.

My bet is that Ben will go home. They can't get rid of another girl and Perry has been consistently good. I wonder how Ronnie will react if Ben does not come back. There was an article in Entertainment Weekly about the Bromance between Ben and Ronnie. No real mention of Ben's wife though. Just thought I would point that out. I hate this waiting until next week (I know I mentioned that before). Who will it be? By the way, Jackie ain't all that!

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